About Us

What is BIRA?

The Australian Brewing Interlaboratory Reference Analytes  is an industry led proficiency testing scheme for organisations performing beer analysis.   

The scheme is not for profit, low cost, and designed to suit the requirements of smaller breweries, testing beer styles not usually included in the lager international proficiency testing schemes.


Why proficiency Test?

Proficiency testing is a way for brewery labs to demonstrate and improve their proficiency in beer analysis.  It involves collaborative testing of uniform samples distributed amongst participating organisations, and statistical comparison of results.

Proficiency testing is a cornerstone of quality assurance, and is a great way of demonstrating (and improving) your lab's ability to produce sound results. 


How does it work?

Each quarter, participants receive samples for testing - for a total of 4 rounds per year.  Each participant performs the analysis in the same 14 day window, and reports results via the group's online portal.  

Results are anonymised, collated,  statistically analysed, and distributed back in easy to interpret charts.