Two awards were given out each year to the best performing labs. 

To be elligible, the laboratory or brewery had to participate in at least 2 of the 4 rounds. The Small-but-sophisticated Award went to a participant submitting results for 3 or less analytes each round, and the Large-but-on-point Award went to a participant submitting results for more than 3 analytes each round. In each category, the awards went to the participants that attained the best average z-score across all results entered.

Thanks to the Endeavour Drinks Group for kindly providing annual prizes: boxes of wine - a break from beer!

The BIRA committee is pleased to be able to recognise our participants that perform well, and to support continual improvement in proficiency of beer analysis.


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Bryan Newell - Team Leader Analytical Laboratory 


"We were pleasantly surprised, and very proud, to be awarded the ‘Large-but-on-point Laboratory’ award for 2019. 

The Analytical Laboratory of The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) Commercial Services group provides a wide range of analytical services to grape and wine producers and partner organisations.  We have served the industry since 1984 and perform more than 100,000 analyses per year.  Apart from analysis of wine and grape samples, we have recently diversified to offer a range of analyses for beer samples.

Our team consists of Eric Wilkes (Group Manager), Leanne Hoxey (Quality Systems and Laboratory Manager), Bryan Newell (Team Leader), and our crew of Laboratory Technicians – Ida Batiancila, Jacinta McAskill, Matthew Wheal, Zung Do, with recent additions to the team – Shaley Paxton and Kinga Kiziuk.

We are very pleased to be participating in the BIRA proficiency program and look forward to it growing in the years to come.  

Our thanks go to all involved with running this excellent program - the committee for making this all happen, and to Young Henrys for supplying the beer samples."



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Dan Treagus - Head Brewer Garden Brewing 


"From left to right we are;

Jake – ex tiler and premier statesman. Joined the team in April 2019 as assistant brewer and quickly gained confidence in performing all roles around the brew house, cellars, lab, bar, garden…

Janie – part owner, ex bio chemist. I’m not sure what Janie doesn’t do. Never afraid to get her hands dirty. Always keen for a chat.

Dan (me) – Jumped out of the wheelhouse of a prawn trawler to chase my brewing passion.

Cameron – Comes from an electrical sales background. Joined the team just before the COVID shutdown as part of the S.A. brewing traineeship pilot program. Has quickly become a close part of the Beer Garden family unit.

We’d like to thank Endeavour Drinks Group for the prize. Very nice drop

And thanks again to the team at BIRA for this well executed concept."


 qt=q_30 (5)Greer Carland and I (Annie Baldwin) were ever so delighted to receive the inaugural BIRA ‘Small but Sophisticated Laboratory of the year’ for 2018. We have proudly placed our award for all to see in our reception area.

A bit about ourselves…

Annie studied a Bachelor of Agriculture and a Bachelor of Science with Honours at the University of New England.  She has spent a number of years now working in laboratories of all kinds, from meat science, to soil to veterinary research. Annie joined the Vintessential crew in 2016 when she took on the role of Laboratory Analyst at our newly opened Orange site in NSW. In 2017 she moved to Hobart to take on the role of Tasmanian State Manager and is loving the Tassie lifestyle. Annie’s favourite beer is a cold schooner of Pale Ale.

Greer is a world class  winemaker who studied a Bachelor of Agricultural Science specialising in Oenology at the University of Adelaide. Greer joined the Tassie Vintessential ranks around a year and a half ago as a Scientist.  Her favourite beer is a frosty Pilsner.

We are delighted to participate in this new initiative and believe it is a great benefit to the growing Australian beer industry.





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I would like to thank you for awarding us the Large But on Point award for 2018. We are very pleased to have achieved this in the inaugural year and are excited to be part of the move to improve testing across the board in Australia.